Modern American Bistro



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—  Small Plates  —




—  Mesclun Greens Salad  —

aged cabernet vinegar, Pecorino Romano


--Charred Spanish Octopus —

chorizo-black olive crumble, togarashi purple potato,

salsify vinaigrette




— Coriander & Sea Salt Chicken Wings —

charred onions & thyme



—  Duck Confit Croquette  —
banana-calvados quinoa, lime mustard,

mango gel, hydro lettuces


—  Seared Sea Scallop  —
avocado, charred tomatillo, jicama-cilantro salad, corn-basil quinoa



—  Charcuterie Board for Two  —
country style terrine, spiced mustard, vegetable salad with duck tenderloin bottarga, rabbit rillette


—Worcestershire Chickpea Fries —

A1 aioli




— Sourdough Toast with Zucchini Butter —  

charred radishes, smoked tuna floss



—  Burrata for Two  —
red onion & olive, white balsamic, marinated sungold tomatoes, focaccia toast


—  Beet Salad  —

tartare, Gorgonzola, puffed amaranth, red verjus-sunflowerseed vinaigrette



—  Cauliflower  —
carrot yogurt, black garlic, chickpea crouton, worchestershire bottarga







—  Entrées  —


— Roasted 10oz. Sirloin Steak--

toasted mustard  spaetzle, celery root coulis, baby carrots, puffed barley, green peppercorn jus

—Braised Lamb with Spinach Fettuccini  --

rosemary, grana padano, garlic oil

Black Pepper Fettuccini  —

Bolognese, grana padano, pea greens


—  MK Burger  —
A1 aioli, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, chickpea fries

-Roasted Chicken Breast

buttermilk fried boneless leg, barbeque tabbouleh, smoked apricot, kohl rabi salad 


-Atlantic Salmon with Togarashi-

edamame, pioppino mushrooms, butter lettuce, radish, shrimp-kombu vinaigrette, fermented black bean


-Crescent Farms Daily Duck-

preparation changes daily, please ask your server about today's preparation