Modern American Bistro



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—  Small Plates  —




—  Mesclun Greens Salad  —

aged cabernet vinegar, Pecorino Romano


--Charred Local Squid —

puffed rice paper, red pepper-olive coulis,

roasted jalapeno, dried corn




— Coriander & Sea Salt Chicken Wings —

charred onions & thyme



—  Cauliflower with Vadouvan Spices  —
green apple yogurt, black garlic-onion jam

charred baby carrots, red endive


—  Duck Plate  —
rillette, country style pate, cracklings, fried tenderloin,

orange marmalade, red miso mustard



—Worcestershire Chickpea Fries —

A1 aioli




— Mussels —  

zucchini-coconut broth, lime leaves

sungold tomatoes



—  Burrata for Two  —
broccoli rabe pesto, chili threads

lemon oil, basil toast


—  Beet Salad  —

red beet cracker, tartare, crème fraiche,

parsley & mint feta, sunflower seed butter









—  Entrées  —


— Roasted 10oz. Sirloin Steak--

red wine spaetzle, carrot coulis, nameko mushrooms, green peppercorn jus

Red Wine Mafaldine

pea greens, Bolognese sauce, grana padano

Basil Campanelle

yellow tomato, broccoli rabe pesto, melted burrata, black olive bread crumbs


Zucchini & Lobster Rotini

basil & pea greens


Daily Pasta Rotation

please ask your server about today’s preparation

Roasted Chicken Breast

rhubarb-farro risotto, caramelized salsify, lemon verbena vinaigrette


Seared Sea Scallops

freekeh tabbouleh, avocado, roasted sunchokes, red mizuna


Chuck & Shortrib Burger

sesame ciabatta, tamarind sauce, crispy onions, cheddar cheese


Daily Duck

preparation changes daily, please ask your server about today's preparation